Orthero is a new orthodontic treatment method as an alternative to metal braces, offers to dental patients a simple treatment by personalized made step by step aligners. Orthero aligners can be easily removed and placed back by patients. Under control of the doctor, regular use of Orthero will align your teeth to their ideal position according to treatment plan.

Founders Team : 

Total Funding Amount : 


Pasha Holding(Seed Round)/ Timur Tuncer(Seed Round)/ Levent Hatay(Seed Round)/ Mete Soguksu(Seed Round)/ Derya Senocak(Seed Round)/ Behiye Bahar Dabakoglu(Seed Round)/ Yavuz Irtem(Seed Round)/ Ediz Guner(Seed Round)

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The Number of Customers : 

Over 20 thousand patients in more than 11 countries.


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