Recontact Games

The passion of the Recontact Games, which starts with the motto of Playable Arts, is to builds the films on videos and cinematic, which are direct game dynamics, not on multiple choice storytelling. In this form, Recontact will make a name for itself in the mobile gaming industry with original content.

Their Published Games :

Recontact London

Recontact Istanbul : Eyes of Sky ( Recontact:Istanbul Eyes of Sky, the first cinematographic mobile game of Turkey. Eyes of Sky ranked first place in Kristal Pixel contest as “the Best Story” category. )

Recontact Istanbul (Recontact:Istanbul,  integrated video art in games, was chosen as the best mobile game of Turkey by Apple in 2015. It launched as the best new game in 153 countries in the innovative and creative category. It was also selected Best Game in Los Angeles New Media Festival, jury members of which consist of Oscar, HBO and Marvel on June 9, 2017. )

Founders Team : 

Total Funding Amount : 


Hande Enes and Akin Babayigit

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