Collaboration platform designed for designers and developers to help them to communicate and work together. Zeplin is a connected space for product teams where they can share designs, generate specs, assets and code snippets.

Founders Team : 

Total Funding Amount : 


Graph Ventures (Seed Round)/ Elad Gil(Seed Round)/ Sparkland Capital(Seed Round)/ Othman Laraki(Seed Round)/ Zillionize Angel(Seed Round)/ Jonathan Abrams(Seed Round)/ Louis Beryl(Seed Round)/ Floodgate(Seed Round)/ Mike Maples(Seed Round)/ Kevin Hale(Seed Round)

The Number of Customers : 

Over 2 million users worldwide (2017)

Capterra Review Score : 4,5 (14 Review)


Some of the References : 

Starbucks, AirBnb, Dropbox, Pinterest, Slack


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The list of Turkish online companies exporting products worldwide.

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